Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our litigation attorneys view themselves as problem solvers; and, as a result, they strive to find creative ways to resolve disputes and achieve the results our clients’ desire. When properly used and under the right circumstances, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is often a cost effective, time saving way to achieve our clients’ goals. 

Members of our ADR group have extensive experience in successfully employing ADR procedures; such as neutral evaluations, mediations and arbitrations. The experienced attorneys in this group provide services as both neutrals and advocates in ADR proceedings. ADR can drastically reduce the amount of time and cost needed to resolve disputes by focusing the parties on key issues in the dispute, and by limiting or eliminating discovery and pretrial motions and hearings.  ADR also provides the client with greater control over their destiny. 

We have found that ADR is particularly useful in resolving disputes between parties who have an ongoing business relationship, disputes over trade secrets or intellectual property and matters where litigation in court would not be economical.  ADR focuses on identifying the client’s objectives, assessing those objectives and creating and developing strategy for resolving disputes in a cost effective manner. The members of our ADR group are all experienced litigators. Their litigation experience gives them the special skills that enhance their ability to effectively use ADR. These include the ability to identify legal issues, assess potential costs and risks, predict probable outcomes of litigation, distill complex issues and present them in a succinct and organized manner, develop a strategy for resolving disputes and advocate and execute a resolution strategy.

Whether you need representation in an ADR proceeding or are looking for an experienced neutral, mediator or arbitrator, the attorneys in our ADR group are ready to be of assistance.

Our attorneys practicing in Alternative Dispute Resolution:


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