List of Representative Arbitrations
& Mediations

The following is a list of the types of cases in which our firm has served as a neutral arbitrator or mediator, either by court appointment or selection of the parties involved in the litigation: real estate disclosure cases involving buyers, sellers and brokers; disputes among brokers over real estate commissions; actions involving claims of negligence against real estate brokers; claims against attorneys for negligence; attorneys' fees disputes between attorneys and clients; breach of contract actions and actions involving the interpretation of business and real estate contracts; construction defect and construction accident cases; disputes over the interpretation and performance of construction contracts; claims of officer and director liability; claims under title insurance policies; actions to dissolve corporations and partnerships, including accounting actions; claims for breach of duty against various fiduciaries; actions between homeowners' associations and homeowners; disputes involving commercial leases; claims of damage to real and personal property; claims against bonds; will contests and claims of elder abuse; easement, encroachment and prescriptive rights cases; nuisance and trespass matters; dangerous condition on public property issues; personal injury actions involving automobile collisions; slip and fall cases; assault and battery cases; claims of sexual harassment and sexual assault; sexual molestation claims and wrongful termination matters.

Appellate Opinion in Case as Judge Pro Tem

Harkins Investment Corp. v G&C Holding Co., et al. (1996), First Appellate District, Div. One, No. A068834. Unpublished opinion of the First Appellate District, Division One, affirming judgment in a case where we acted as a Judge Pro Tem . The issues on appeal involved the propriety of the finding of alter ego, the portion of the judgment reforming a promissory note to reflect the legal rate of interest and the award of attorneys' fees and costs. (Copy of the Opinion will be provided upon request).


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